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Sealine / 410 S

Diesel / Sealine - 364 HP

150.000 €

Sealine / 320 Fly

Diesel / Volvo Penta AD41B - 200 HP

54.900 €

Wellcraft / 2600 Excalibur

Gasoline / Mercruiser HP 500 - 580 HP

25.900 €

Pershing / 43

Diesel / MAN - 1259 HP

128.000 €

Fairline / 24 Carrera

Gasoline / Volvo Penta - 270 HP

19.900 €

About us

Who we are

Boats are our domain , if you need help with buying , selling or just advice for upgrading , maintenance , repair vessel . Please feel free to contact us via e - mail.

What we do

KLAIĆ-BOOTE d.o.o. the primary business is Yacht Sales. In addition to sales we deal with :

  • Advice on the sale / purchase of vessels
  • The organization of repairs and preparation of your boats for the summer / winter ( management / coordination)
  • Evaluation and counseling in the event of damages caused
  • "Boat care" vessel monitoring
  • Vessel transport

The introductory of Director


Dear visitors,
Welcome to our site!
It is suggested that introduction should be short and concise , I hope mine is just like that ...




This webpage is a summary of my long-term experience and work in yacht trade. Most concluded partnerships, purchases and sales of the vessel took place with clients - partners from the area of ​​the EU, especially from Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary and Poland. Thanks to them , I learned about the job and about myself quite a lot. One anecdote I particularly remembered,of course,was the very beginning of my career when my client, slightly skeptical asked : " Are you going to be able to do it? ". I did not wait for a second and I gave the answer: "Of course I can!". That was the beginning of my struggle, and enormous source of pleasure i felt doing this job. Thanks to available technology and media communications , today I can show you my hard work and effort present through this webpage. It´s purpose is to be your main informant, consultant and assistant to the realization of the sale of the vessel. Your boat is your passion, your hobby and I understand that perspective very well. The point of hobby is joy, fun, relaxation, love and simplicity. This webpage has been built on that foundation. Because of that you are now here. This is your pleasure. Enjoy!


I am Jasmin Klaić, Your Sea Partner

Managing Director




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OIB: 20179906411

Obala 61, 51521 Punat

IBAN: HR5123400091110713234

Working hours:

09:00-18:00 mon/fri

09:00-14:00 sat


Tel: +385 91 165 4160


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